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Inphic PW6 wired gaming mouse

This unique mouse meets the expectations of even the most demanding gamers. It is equipped with 8 programmable buttons and its resolution can be adjusted within the 1200-4800DPI range. It is also distinguished by its wide compatibility and ergonomic design. RGB backlighting with 6 light modes available gives it a unique character.


Built for gamers

The mouse is equipped with an advanced optical sensor and is adjustable for 1200 / 1600 / 2400 / 3200 / 4800DPI resolution. It provides unparalleled speed, precision and smooth operation. All this makes it perfect for even the most dynamic game. You can also successfully use it at work.


Programmable buttons

The device has 8 programmable buttons and supports complex macro functions. This allows even the most demanding gamers to customize it according to their expectations. Use this ability to beat your opponents in the game and break new records even easier. What’s more, the mechanical mouse switches are extremely durable – they have a lifespan of about 3 million clicks.


Wide compatibility

No matter what kind of hardware you’re playing on – with Inphic, you can enjoy the precision and smoothness you dream of in almost any situation. The PW6 is compatible with most popular computers and laptops equipped with USB ports. It works seamlessly with systems such as Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.


Use comfort

The mouse features an ergonomic design that guarantees comfort of use. Anti-slip pads make the device fits well in your hand and does not slip. What’s more, the 1.8m cable provides a reliable connection and allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement, which is important during the dynamic game. The mouse buttons are extremely quiet – so you can also use it at night or in the library.


Colored backlighting

Get yourself a mouse that will impress you not only with its functionality, but also with its unique design. PW6 was equipped with RGB backlighting which you can adjust to your preferences by choosing from 6 available modes. This allows it to fantastically complement your gaming gear and decorate your desk. There is also an option to turn off the backlight if you don’t need it.




Brand Inphic
Model PW6
Type Optical
Interface USB
Number of keys 8
Key life Up to 3 million clicks
Resolution 1200 / 1600 / 2400 / 3200 / 4800DPI
Connection Wired
Cable length 1.8m
Color Gray
Backlight RGB
Compatibility Laptops and computers, system Windows




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Miš USB Inphic PW6 optična gaming RGB 4800DPI - siva


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