Volan PXN V900 USB za PS4, Xbox One, PC in Switch

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PXN-V900 Racing Wheel

Are you a fan of racing games and want to feel like you’re on a real track? The PXN-V900 steering wheel offers high realism, customizable parameters and wide compatibility. The set also includes pedals, so you can get into the skin of a racing driver. Wheel offers 8 programmable buttons and Mini Jack 3.5 mm port.


True realism

Take racing games to the next level of immersion! The PXN-V900 steering wheel features high precision and switchable modes. It has 2 levels of swivel range, 270° or 900°, so you can customize it for specific games. What’s more, the built-in dual vibration motor automatically adjusts to specific productions and on-screen events so you can immerse yourself even deeper in the game.


Wide compatibility

A major advantage of the PXN-V900 is its wide compatibility. It works with personal computers as well as the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. So you can enjoy realistic gaming on multiple platforms and not worry about having to replace your hardware when you equip yourself with a new PC or console.


Pedals included

You’ll also get pedals in the kit. The pedals use technology to aid realism, capturing the feel of a real car. This makess it possible for you to feel like you are in a race car without leaving your house!


High stability

The steering wheel is installed by screwing the fasteners to the desk. What is more, it is equipped with five firmly attached suction pads, which, however, can be easily detached if necessary. All this ensures the steering wheel is extremely stable, which translates into precision and comfort of use.


The set includes:

  • Steering wheel
  • Panel with pedals
  • Assembly kit
  • User manual




Producent PXN
Model V900
Connection Wired
Vibration YES
Number of sensitivity levels 3
Steering wheel turning range 270-900°
Number of programmable buttons 8
Mini Jack 3.5 mm input YES
Operating current 80 mA
Compatibility Windows 7/8/10 / PC x-input i d-input / PS3 / PS4 / XBOX ONE / Nintendo Switch
Dimensions of the steering wheel 280 x 340 x 285 mm
Weight 3280 g




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Volan PXN V900 USB za PS4, Xbox One, PC in Switch


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